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Eyes Palace (Too Pure 1998)

   Second albums and counting down the style of weirdy –strange formations onto Justin Fletcher, Daren Seymour and Sarah Peacock with the additional of Mark Van Hoen giving an introductions for the groups intrigue tense motions by arranging project as a renewal type for a brand new Alternative Rock musical under the naming of Scala – a measurement between reality and imaginable spacing to fill-out by beats, noises or samplings sounded like thus pale weather and colder winds wrapped onto the reaction recreates over Leftfield/Synth-Pop and experimental Techno-Rock and Indie music combines in the making of teleporting deviance record like To You In Alpha – which neither correctly, looks interesting at all. But the different tunes atmosphere may collaborating obviously within female voices in deliberations as when one opening the Pandora box disc and listen in mid-tempo volume. 1765744G (Excerpt) must be some kind of code for cheating lives or Wires and Colt and Blank Narrow Shut should be related to the connection of internet controlling public as well as Be Together where the new breed of generations trusting their gadgets than other people nowadays resulting thus Breaking Point. 

Intense voltage on whirlwind echoes and blistering beats compound melts the riff-guitar pages and rhythmic pleasure over Slide to Remember How To Breathe; as we learning again sooner as the aftermath of the magnitude disasters turning off everything back to year zero. 

To You In Alpha: