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Everybody’s Fool (Anagram Records 2004)

   Just ignore the facts form those whom loving Evanscence too much that the exciting popular band is not they used to be in solid formation anymore but through this immense of hyperbolic covers not original version for their Gothic Rock metallic beautiful sounds of mystery via A Tribute to Evanescence by Static Heaven replacing the lead vocalist Amy Lee with for some said not too talented lady singers whose actually, did a wonderful job with the band for paid respects and fortunate sounds of the amateur to creates a different slight practice results over Evanescence’s powerful hits like the mighty single Bring Me To Life, Tourniquet, Whisper, Going Under, Farther Away, Imaginary onto thus lovely tearjerker ballads of all time classics from them – My Immortal, Hello and Taking Over Me. 

   Bunch of studio musicians whom trying to re-creates the historic points moniker-ing themselves not for public pleasure but enchanting spells left behind as the legacy of Ms. Lee, Mr. Ben Moody added by John LeCompt and Rocky Grey in a handful non-synthezisers and gymnasium piano tunes harmony of Alternative Metal/Nu Metal eternal memories.