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Escape Devil Woman (Bad Omen Records 2015)

   Don’t let the retro-looks fooling you about not wanted to try-out these Oslo’s crew under their name simplicity of Flight because the Norwegians always not pretending to give you surprises result in their good musical performance even not for thus branding Extreme Black Metal or darker tunes but still bass guitarist Jonas, Kristian on guitars; Christoffer for guitars/vocals and Herman Holen drums displaying their catchy chords or good high-techniques of performance through Classic Rock/Hard Rock and Stoner Rock N’ Roll electrifying tuned sounds over this debut album of Flight consisting for eight tracks available there like As Silence Falls, Lion’s Den to Don’t Lose It or Memories Sharp and Nightrider fills your room with harmonic melodies and power-riff age that blasting great to head-banger. 

Don’t throw away your dirty jeans jacket or cutting your hair but keep the spirits of metallic hardening rock in your mind and soul by collecting this awesome album !