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Ephemeris Mount Rasur (Not On Label 2011)

   Approximately like it is reality must be checked within sixty minutes by the second album releasing over global warming and conspiracy theory re-assembles by Irish based Electronic artist in the Old School Electronic melodic to Ambient soundscapes instrumentals. A.K.A Michael Jones – watching his moments sees thus airplane flying (or just hovering) high as whether it is a ghost plane or real one spraying mysteries gas in Chasing Chemtrails as Bouvetoya means something wasn’t right is true as many youtuber experts videoing their reasonable doubts over experiments of the government works to MK Ultra as mind controlling or projects on hiding secrets and fooling public since decades ago. Conceptual and exclusive as Sequence of Nine followed by Triangulum Australe as well as Cloudseeker and Seedbunker  are all geoengineering plays ability needs to resolve and opens to the eyes of mankind to see. 

Seek not but learn more first means corroded as knowledge sometime, intriguing.

Chasing Chemtrails: