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Entrapment Spookin’ (EVP/Agonia Records 2017)

   Contrary comedies not commodity in assaulting Thrash Metal attacks bringer of deader decades which carried on by these Melbourne, Australia crew consisting for Matt Young, Slatts Everyday Mr. White, Squiz and Todd Hansen by their releasing number third records celebrating the event of scariest month of the year which calls as Halloween and this rocking putrid pukes packaging means real threats as King Parrot exclusively, giving their Ugly Produce as the rotting pumpkin being alive and read to attacking your girlfriend’s vagina pie and your pancake dicks while you cuddling teenagers in hot hot heat watching time drive-in terrors started by the group via their extreme bashing heads music banging. Leave your morals and kindness wrapped tight in a toilet and flush it well because within the crushing songs like Now It Stokes Frenzy, Numb Skull, All Hail The Grub, Piss Wreck and Die Before You Die means when someone kills you tonight or did the house arrests for torturing your entire family including your daughters; it means you’re having a bad timing been consumed by the dark powers of maniac realm.

Ugly Produce: