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Dreamcatcher Funk (Farm Records 2009)

   Ari Linker and Ido Liran might kept on smiling while expressing their main ideas of composing music and beats of Electronics for their Psy-Trance recording number two in the entire career as Save The Robot in Love Machine; with the sexy female figure as the bingo bonus and Progressive Euro-Dance to Goa-Trance and Acid House reflecting onto thus banging fan-bastic mixing out the PA system coming as a component of 2 piece of cybernetic sounds and audio experiments as one hundred percent Techno-Psycho Trance Progression of Illinois, USA. Thus Electronics and Clubber-heads might really wanted to taste their music from this second album – as like Communicate beat-blaster in eight minutes fighting the next cover-tribute for Lowrider classics by WAR to another one and another one until She Came and Feel Like A Star ! 

Love Machine: