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Drapeau Noir (Independent 2018)

   Whether one liking Punk-Rock for the way they are – honest, simple and rebellious or because other reasons politically or social-protesting or for the love of war and anarchy that shall surrounding Paris not disguising as either peace nor intifada just like the things brought to your face pretty much faster by Les Dead Boobs for their clever releasing on Punk-Rock Delucratif filled the lyrics written in French as the line-up comprising of drum basher Niko, bass player Estelle, guitars/vocals Laurent and vocals/guitars Janlwi as many thanks for supporting and friends and family giving them hope to continued this quest for total loyalty on freedom of speech and shouts as these twelve tracks energizing Punk-Rock means everything you did ever wanted to tell the surroundings public until now how this parisien maps geographic shows us things interestingly, wrong through the opening Intro, Tant Pis Pour Moi, Ta France, Premier Pas onto Laurent H and TDLM III enclosing which going to asking you on the sing-along or jumps smashing your fights direction towards the authority and remembering more bloodshed since the attacks systematic over the capital city by avenging people of Islamic state yells and shoot and burn your towns.