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Door In Womack! (Bandcamp 2014)

   An absolute shrouded identity of mystery might not explaining where thus unusual sounds by pompous facades drawn grows in pseudonyms tools reacting for these Australian crew naming themselves – Sun Of Man; as scaffolding gesture on useless and divided the reclaims over their themed tracks in the listening on un-timid heavy ass monstrous important but sometimes might goes unnoticed is this Psychedelic Instrumental jams by the blasts beholder in your excessive absolution majestic case of listening. 

   Go touch the button and let II mini recording plays its advance technical music sounds from the originality Stoner Rock scene of Down Under – growing the half-horse coloring entity mixed with thus seven minutes and fifty-seven seconds calming bluesy Desert Stoner on Whispering Jackoff or Dancing With My Eyes bursting the explosive glowing waves force about eight minutes and nine seconds right by the occult-based background displays.