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Dollonde Oi (Six Tonnes De Chair Records 2017)

Like a three-wheeling steamroller supersonic on the Kraut Rock highway without mercy drugging goes the married of Space Punk and Synthetic Pop by the burning Psychedelic bass and drums or acidic guitar grace from these nonchalant Korto trio; Clement Baltssat on bass/vocals, Marius Mermet on guitars/vocals and Leo Moriaud on drums playing their pays over racing cart advocates as public transports on Hot Rock, Track 2, Denzzzl onto Fresque by thus secluded strange forms coloring lines in this self-titled movement releasing.

This brilliant performance might catches your interest on loving the frenchie work products rather than looking for an answer inside the combinations of image on their front cover but definite experimental tunes melodic wisely went from hardening to softer kept as weary songs about a journey to the unknown known …