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Dogsbody Shrubbery (Mega Dodo 2018)

   When these London’s burgeoning Neo-Psych scene and harmony-laden in baroque on freakbeat sounds and mis-heard lyrics of The Rolling Stones drawn such influences by their favorite Psychedelic of the 60’s within prolific song-writing and blossomed 12-string Jangle Pop forming by Paul Nelson and Paul Milne with Elian Dalmasso and Sarah Gonputh releasing this Folk-Rock and Psychedelic World music blending sophomore Acid Folk and imaginable dreamscapes of the UK scenery rock communities like the Girls are Coming into Town, Scraggly Old Tramp, They Just Don’t Know, (I Used to Dream in) Black and White or Not Like You and Me that’s going to reminds us for the mixture off The Beatles and The Progressive Rock results from Joni Mitchell versus Yes in recording project. 
Organ tunes remarkable leads and harmony voices over the medieval/Victorian troubadour era sounds efforts really puts you back into the time machine while listening to the flocks of Green Seagulls in their Scarlet Fever record debut and the one and only … 

Scarlet Fever: