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Dileke Acucho (On The Corner 2018)

   Rising like a tropical stormy weather causing effects to the listeners by seconds or some more minutes; this Electronic Psychedelia upstream-ing the global dancefloor on exploring the focused masked, mythical and few words but superlatives entities of bass collider within their native sounds and unique identity straight out of Lima, Peru as our digest new Peruvian duet works on Semillero musical album release. As the project of blended roots of Latino-Mezo America and African mixes between the thoughts or ideas and talents made pretty much mysterious eerie in rhythmic sounds by Felipe Salmon and Rafael Pereira recreating the explorations onto parts of the world unknown by visuals and listening times palette into Dengue Dengue Dengue triple DJ-ing to graphic designs within Haarp, Pua ft. Penya, or other features by Mikongo as well as Ayani Huni Kuni – Habu Raminibu (Dengue Dengue Dengue & Joutro Mundo version) – breaking borders in audiences and sonic old forms of course, questing for more rhythms rhyming explorations of the complex noises and percussion.