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Devil’s Fire Undeniable (Independent 2018)

   Melodic Death Metal and Metalcore active crew hailing themselves from Costa Rica’s Alajuela founded by Andres Maroto creates the typhoon bursting out off guitarist Maroto to his troops keyboardist Sebastian Barrantes, Gabriel Martinez on vocals, Daniel Fallas on drums and Leonardo Hidalgo for bass guitar with additional guitarist Niemand and vocalist Marcos Monerat goes telling stories for the transforming perspective quality on Metal-Core countdown brought by the horrific moments of siren/reptilian man person which having Relapse recorded by Deep Underground (band) tracking progressive-metallic and Death-Core of central American or Caribbean off the lava threats and those twelve songs written by the band via Printed in My Skin, The Red Sun is Arriving, Lullaby ft. Niemand (Suppressor) and Herbal Life towards Filling The Endless Void, Autumn Leaf ft. Marcos Monnerat (TMIC) serving the gore-rotted growlers vocals and high techniques performance while your surrounding got burns to its core roots.