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Decepcao Contramao (Estrovo Records 2015)

   O Peso do Mundo (all the money of the world), Sem Valor (worthless), Tanto Vaz Sei la… and thus voices on vocals sounding similar to you as a reminder for The Offspring lead singer sounded alike but not Punk Rock because here this gift came in as SC, Brazil’s artistic semi-acoustic to Emo-Post Rock tunes written solo and additions by trumpets to viola as guitars and percussion covers the entire mid-tempo speaks of the devil and angels in RaelBrian recording release in Volume 1. Within those pieces of pictures and cutting-edge artworks looks like being made by a psychopath and serving portugese lyrics; one could not liking it much further but mistakenly – interesting over thus curiosity embed under the rare weirdness formed by the vocals of human male and his intentions for playing kinds of guitar techniques.

Volume 1: