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Da Man Jose Reptiles (Related Records 2013)

   Little bit Pop-jazzy but also creeping their musical experiments on Polka to Rock N’ Roll Ska Punk as weirdo as almighty rag-timing dreadful goodies led by Andrew Jemsek and Ryan Avery written World, Pop, Folk-Polka dancing to parodies by harmonica or accordion melodies and beats to tease you to dance silly over the second recording album from Drunk & Horny in A Drunk and Horny Pool Party with Ryan and Andrew in black/blue stripped shirts and dark glasses and the hard trying to put the eight ball on the sinkhole corner games as your ears being treatments by thus catchy tunes for alcoholic and party goers of simple plan to make a mess here over Masturbation Monster, Enjoy Yourself, Hot Shit, I’m Going to Bring a Watermelon to My Girl Tonight, Bow Down and Die or Serious Interview with James Lipton may leaving you drooling like bonzo dog waiting for more left-over foods and dirty sausage thrown by the laughing band.