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Creeps Night (Independent 2016)

   Ramones-que tuning perfect copying by the awesome next generation of college drop-outs wannabe mighty morphine-based heroes between Illingtons to Perth, Australia written targets co-working in the making of these mini record entitled The Lost Cosmonauts – seems to be offered for the politburo party congrats their success outer-space explorer: Yuri, Andriy, Daniil or Dzhessi off Silver Foxes crew on blasting Punk-Rock popular and Rock n’ Roll formats via Evil Bong, Decampitated, Wasting Away or Radioactive – which tolerates thus secret programs and experiments over local population and humanity through rather exposes riff-catchy and good sing-along tracks available by Pop-Punk rather than pressing red buttons and launches attack towards the western world.

Watch the thrill movies and don’t follow your friends for trick or treats tomorrow, young communist because it’s the commercial capitalism way of having fake fun ! 

The Lost Cosmonauts: