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Cosmic Travel (Self-Released 2015)

   Guss is an ordinary guy that representing The Netherlands on this magnificent adventure through the recording album made by himself ideas and works disguising the real identity as Sauerkraut studying music as a drum player and a few years into guitars and bass for adding the wishlist gotten being more creative to making knowledge a reality in recording mix as songs of instrumentals displaying Doom/Psycehdelic/Sludge and Stoner Rock blending Blues might surfacing there within The Man That Lives In Space collective record album title as travelling through space isn’t a science fiction anymore; while everything written here and played in produced credits all should be addressed to Guus. 

   Whether you pick the button press ignitions for Astronomic Ambience that goes two minutes and fifty-nine seconds or fixing the path back on course after some kinds of Technical Difficulties and failed communication went off for six minutes and fifty-nine seconds denouncing unfortunate for continuing the shuttle to the distant galaxy blast off in hyper-jump mode. 

The Man That Lives In Space: