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Cool Stuff Here (Independent 2017)

   Cooling down grooves and vibes originally taken from the New York, NY fresh of alltestifies Soulful Funk under thus Gospel/Rn’B rocking tunes writing unit naming themselves as the lesser-known Orange Burn; comprising for Shilan Douglas (vocals, piano), Isaac Friedman (guitars, vocals, Adam Marr (bass, vocals) to Theo Moore (percussion and vocals) as well as Rich Formidoni on keyboards and David McKoy (drums) letting their works being mastered by Louis La Rocco in that self-titled album that can easily burnt the stereo system over uprising interests from the audience on likely love to listening their performance there. 

Good solo melodies, tuning beats catchy onto the rhythmic tempos that brings I’ll Go, For Too Long and Love Me – reigns the local music templates for beautiful female leading role vocalist. 

Orange Burn: