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Closer The Edge (Raven Faith 2018)

   For within the interests of expanding god’s kingdom through talents and goes out the walls of churches to reach minister on the streets and bring hope spreading to the lost souls for not being lied or torn apart as well as liking over Showbread, 30 Seconds to Mars onto Journey and Lynyrd Skynyd as both music and literatures of comic books and graphic novels seems to be explicitly turning to their musical butter for I Am The Pendragon of Omaha, Nebraska brought us their modern Nu-Metal and Alternative Rock tunes of Progressive/Post-Core and Rock Christian written by the duet of David Martin on drums/percussion and Jerrod Cunningham on vocals/guitars having non-ridicule tension to burn the pagan’s compound of occult monastery in modern living via their abundance Midwest Rock sounds on this release – The Castle Of Lost Hope conceptual tight to Hard Rock meets Heavy Metal blasting tunes like Momento Mori, Woe To Me, Rise and Reclaim to Lamentations End or The Boy Who Never Knew as well as Burn it Down letting the passage opens towards the hidden place of their enemies hiding for these masked crew to torching the false down to ashes at that twilight time as a good grungy chance to end the existence of evil.

The Castle Of Lost Hope: