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Chucpacabra Gingerly (Bandcamp 2017)

   Darryl Lix & The High Kicks releasing their debut featured album track-listing here as unclassified Rock n’ Roll music for only shortened as twenty-seven minutes top as these corner rock punkish universe plating feet next to the Fugazi and Green Jelly spotlights of avenues or boulevards being led by Darryl Lix shouting softer but didn’t quite playing words or things that has been written smartly over Limber Up sessions which presenting nine songs for one purposes – to entertaining the parties going insane in front of the staging band rocking attitudes as writing songs alike (I’m Not Here To) Make You Love Me within the collaborating vocals between lead male vocalist and female excessive seduction as these Bethlehem – Pennsylvania crew doing their best to entertaining your mosh-pit and crowd-surf racing momentarily in the mixture of weird Heavy Metal hairy melodies solo to frontal Punk-Rock results for pure good times by the group harmonically, rocks the socks off quite a bit. Tons more of shorter lyrics and suburban themes and brawling stories about The Sex Pistols influence, elements of Saturday morning cartoons or even Chuck Berry anthemic riff-age three chords compositions not for competing. You’re a Snake (in Snakeskin), Let’s Leave The Lights On (Just For Tonight) or My Time (Your Time) and Richard (Prefers Dick) as well as (Gimme Your) High Kicks; temporary would given us the Halloween panty pukes like the last years cannot afforded to adding success disruption like this one ! 

Limber Up: