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Charlie Confetti (Bandcamp 2013)

   Dani and Dezy doesn’t have to wait until too much valentine’s day for writing their materials of songs as creative duo in this Indie/Alternative musical venture in such lovely catch and firing romantic themes not for being commercial at all but Danielle and Desiree De La Rosa latin-looks for non-popular girls didn’t stopping them from simply, arranging and possible to playing Warped Tour or featuring Fuse television as the Chino’ California twin sisters group on Miracle Dolls. These Southern Californian chicks releasing Kiss Me Auras and the perfect sounds and delighted soft syntehsizers or beats of semi-electro pop meets adult lives themed via your favorite tracks like You Are My One, Spinning Embers, Oh How Beautiful, I Love You baby as well as Crashing Waves or Whatever You Say within thus facts of background on three affiliated tribes off Fort Berthold community of North Dakota’s racing hearts rhythms compositions.

Kiss Me Auras: