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Censorship Ticking Bomb (Blowpipe 2007)

She’s not really looking that good like a photo-model stylish girl or she might be equally could giving you a little bits of threats for her sounding mixture of musical project on solo works as Elektra Dekker giving the audience her debut recording of the oddity sounds where haunting atmosphere and Dark Electro-Pop materials to lighter piano plays as well as thus sensual alerting average tortured vocals may cursing your intelligence to liking her right away. Amazingly, course right on this disclosure explores the intimidations, the intuitions and blending Dark-Pop influences to Classical dreamy songs written as intense voices or noises mixing up together onto original sounds from Elektra via Helios Selene album. 

White silhouette of a female and white horse head among thus red rocky backgrounds seems to explaining why the type of half tons music here might spreading curiosity for independency should be eantirely – not frequently asked anymore because you got the answers one by one there while listening … over Call My Name, Warrior Surrender, Nosebleeds and Like Water or Desire to Dissapear would be a great choice to starts.

Helios Selene: