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Carnevil Dr. K (Not On Label 2013)

   Pick the fun side riding in the use of Folk-Punk Pop rocking the new genre attributes scenery in music when one is bored and found out that the formation of Michi on bass, Mahaze (guitars), Erik on drums, Tekken II for trumpet/violin onto K.T (violin), Lukas (muscle) and Cotton Candy Machine (felicity) delivers “ein zurkusabend mit zuckerwatte” type of solid composition in self-written stories for those whom getting their album that mixing most over Germany Ska-Punk, Rockabilly to Horror Punk aus Berlin that may sounding eerie energetic and a little bit wiser for you not to go for trick or treat-ing to far from your housing complex due to the excessive dangers within the coming out of evil spirits, maniac killers or even legendary monsters this halloween – so, better just listen this cranking hard music of modern and lick thus ice cream delicious moments by the small party kids on the backyard. Jumps higher and bouncing to mosh as the pit feels hotter within Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Dead Rabbit, The Black Harlekin, Skeleton Theater or The Last Days on Earth to Dead’n’Breakfast as well as The Nameless bursting as such of fun quality into Pop-Punk catchy tracks as your girlfriends or little assholes brothers loves to hear them via Pacific Playland recording too but didn’t realized the tiny eyes mixed inside the delicious ice cream on hands. 

Pacific Playland: