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Car Crash (Self-Released 2015)

Reminder for your old collection on Emo-Rock as well as Saosin sounds as alright to let these frills filling the absence of vocals great melodies and killer riff-age as enjoyable as what to expected as should’ve been. This operated self-fund project from Jesse Cash as Ghost Atlas releasing the recording – Immortal Youth EP and hailed from Birmingham, Alabama did pretty much well to accomplished its Southern metallic roots still within the harmonic soft tuning and high techniques for arrangements and song written lyrics above the five tracks listed there. 

As one resurfacing the murky water swamp back to the open air wearing the diver’s ancient suit on looking like the monster of the deep but the music sounded amazing to have a hold onto stereo blasts this afternoon heat weather day via My Exorcist, Evermore or Wet Noose calibrating Christian beliefs or none of the above but your will saving yourself.

Immortal Youth EP: