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Californication (Going For A Song 2006)

   They have been trained to do this for years within more catalogs of famous legendary names of tons musicians previous hits but not really touching the reality for thus fanatic fans but only diehard fans versions of popular albums and songs like how the audiences being lure to this average quality collections from Studio 99 stars ensemble team on their try-out “mimicking” Anthony Kiedis and friends associated on Red Hot Chilli Peppers A Tribute by Studio 99 as most of the beats doesn’t really sounding neat-fat but still those rockheads wanted to effectively, goes for higher techniques as a repeater sounds over several greatest hits music performance played by our L.A Funk-Metal freakos as well as thus nice cover artworks too there – that might be not too caught your interest but there’s no forcing moments to or not to pick this for listening anyway. 

   Not bad for having By The Way, Otherside, Breaking The Girl, My Friends, Can’t Stop, Give It Away or even Under The Bridge among the twelve taste of amateur night for the red hot’s tribute recording session for a different interpretations.