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Bruins Adjust (Cascine/Rallye Label 2013)

   Los Angeles duo of different gender member group consisting for Zinzi Edmundson and Jesse Kivel naming themselves as the project – Kisses; portraying this Pop-tunes and Dream Electro and New Wave sounds over their arranging musical materials and Kids In LA is the results number two off their catalogs which looking retro but modern as well old fashioned and catchy on the same time the duet leaves you enjoying their soundtrack tunes song written and sharing here with artistic simple background front cover too as one and the audiences listening for commercial beats via Hardest Part, Huddle, At The pool, Having Friends Over as well as Air Conditioning and Funny Heartbeat to Up All Night which cannot mistakenly, telling us about always sleeps late without eager to do efforts a little bit harder that claims the tomorrow dreams will be ours as beautiful and cute and handsome like the group’s picture shot that might interesting you just like their music. 

Kids In LA: