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Belle Belle Barkin Charles (Self-Released 2016)

   Whether you used to hitchhiking to go somewhere or being too famous or wannabe one and sometimes the life quite re-using your bad times for a lesson to learn within the serving on nice female vocals and even nicer synthesizing Dream-Pop tunes written on this solo project from a DIY singer local named Nita from Budapest – Hungary. 

   Creative beats and groovy of sweeter tunes remarkably polishing these five tracks on Crossroad Affair EP by the alias of stage-name on Imanexperiment as smoking bunny isn’t a crime in this living world and colors might curing a disease infecting your restless heart as feelings opened and melodies seems to be so harmonic in a knit session as good album cover and mastering record spawning the beauty of Shiny Cars & Nice Guitars, shorter of Epilogue or even the introduction Prologue and a mix that Electronic Space-Pop would be brighter composition as official in eastern Europe area styles as the next big thing ? 

Crossroad Affair EP: