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Begegnung Mit Mir (Useless Records 2007)

   Chaotic Hardcore in Demo II progressive and mathcore Post-metal made off Ravensburg – Germany brutal fast punching grinds meet your pleasure impaling sounds slasher the rest as audience would go blinded nuts while filling the mosh-pit with bloodbath and broken teeth shortly after those music play started out in high blasting volumes from the stage or somewhere hidden. Collecting your parts off the feast from someone foot thumb raw and Simon (drums), Phozzy (guitars) and Bjorn (bass) to Pat (vocals) did craziest ejaculating tune bursts via Millions Passed By/Millions Will Come or Born To Win/Live To Lose seemingly not integrated to your regular society values at all as anti-social here crawling to stay permanent within youngsters hearts for good might blowing middle classes consumerism fatality being eaten alive by the lower class and together breaking in the richer uppers and raping them without mercy in the end of the revolution line-age. 

Enough talking – start fucking and reloaded ! 

Demo II: