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Barren Whiplash (Pelagic Records 2018)

   Jan Oberg (guitars, vocals), Sabine Oberg (bass) and The Carp (drums) are the great partners in crime on written songs and arranging blast-bias occultism based to Sludge Doom Metal eruption as these Berlin, Germany band – Earth Ship goes crushing your ears by attacking the modern views using their awesome non-commercial stomping sounds within Resonant Sun recording release as the latest punchy music to the masses whom likely, dancing by commercial pop-tunes; dragging back the mysterious yet bursting harder by the track-tunes led the wolf-head rituals using arrangement of musical metallic towards A Handful of Flies, Smoke Filled Sky, Dormant or Crimson Eyes – wrote down in English lyrics for international worldwide spreading messages that proclaiming about Germanic metal still alive healthy and dangerous as it used to be.

Feel the heaviest blast bashing through your stereo-system this evening, you bastards !

Resonant Sun: