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Bard Don’t Play (Bandcamp 2010)

   Comedy Folk-Pop smells seemingly been located closer to your hearing sensations as piano-acoustic and guitars to strings to harmonic vocals would be a good choices via their amazing materials over the years as fans grown to worshiping them not like a rock-stars but friends as forward looks in a mixed laughable themes as well as those serious once might cannot being not to be compared within Crosby Stills and Nash unbreakable bonds as Tripod performing their materials with Elana Stone from hailed Melbourne area as favorites musical comedy off Tripod Versus The Dragon is going to reminding you to School of Rock went Neo-Folk tuning and this trio really singing their retro style as The Smell of Adventure, Taking The Life onto Gelatinous Love and The Gods Are People Too dropping the verdicts about how not needed for us humanity on to much developing feelings further more the powerful force where female/male singers hand in hand directed by Neill Gladwin as firing breaths from The Dragon successfully scares the knights whose re-thinking their moves so they won’t get too damn wrong in order to defeated the fire-breathing winged creature which perhaps, also predicting how in earth that Ivory Tower cracked and destroys in minutes but the singing female voice really amusing to amazed in form of Jazzy/Folk and hopes that slowly slipping out but the tracks sometimes getting serious and theater-based too late not too see. 

Tripod Versus The Dragon: