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Backseat Sinker (Self-Released 2016)

   Sydney, Australia band releasing this Tranceplanetsugarmouth from a local hero group Sharpnel known as slacker Psych-Rock and Alternative Indie musicians consisting for unknown really but written down about reality in lyrics towards these twelve tracks listing as repertoire includes on the releasing record showing the audience about most of the aussie vectors and factors that sounded interesting or fascinating to lifted up as themes like the elephant herds which isn’t local heritage or desert poisoning flower portraying there or lost letter and brownish sand and a kid imagining death may leaves your breath catches the catchy mid-tempo brands that goes in stereo via Fraction Man that hates mathematics, Leap Year which kicks the hell out of your boring lives or Carpet Yankers onto Big mouth for the anti-assholes mission as well as Drop Spot and Procrastinate/Disintegrate and Frozen Rock that tells us about this time around the colder season comes back in worsen moment might along sang through the Sharpnel’s catalog.