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Auon 02:39 (Self-Released 2014)

   Ugly women, talented women or sexy women must start to unites just like Alexandra (singer), Anna Guony (guitars), Juliana (bass) and Fannar the male drummer completing these Reyjavik hometown local musicians rockers as your new Hard femme Death-Punk unit of the Iceland scene underground tunnel bursting their self-titled recording as the release results over thus bloody nose-broken seems  like after being punches in the mosh-pit exploded onto this s/t quality of unreasonable Post-Punk meets Garage metallic tunes most written in local language as antique as filthy sincere to listening closer and using violent approaches which Born collects via grinding their songs onto ears of the listeners such as Rotio Eoli, Ef, Bara Hros, Holdfangin, Svioin Joro or Friour I Helviti. 

Getting weirder than The Ramones sessions in Nordic icy country album but no dull for playing …