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Asche Als Nichts (Napalm Records 2012)

   Philosophy, nature to humanity themed in this Folk Metal mixtures with Black Metal classic off the Freiburg/Emmendigen, Baden-Wurttemberg active “Dark Forest” people members in the band calling themselves Finsterforst collectively comprising for Aliver Berlin (vocals), Cornelius Heck on drums/vocals choir as well as lead guitarist Simon Schillinger, Tobias Weinreich (bass), Sebastian “Alleyjazz” Scherrer (keyboards), David Schuldis on rhythm guitars would becoming your reference over how Germanic tribal metallic shows should next kept in mind within thus ancient pagan beliefs against the modern Christianity forcing the fatherland into dilemma trouble-soul like today must be reset by Finterforst using their works ablaze here via their releasing on Rastlos (stirring constant desirable for action) standing on the mountain top looking down the promised beautiful landscape and choir harmonic in metal bursts via Fremd (alien/strange), Stirbt Zuletzt (unrealistic optimism to last), Rast, Ein Lichtschein or Flammenraush (inebriation of flames) comprehending the darkness prevails back to shadowing the misty territory where old spiritual and free tribes lurking to snatch travelers trespassing their woodlands area.