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As Deer (Exit Stencil Recordings 2016)

Cutting edge bringer of Rock-artists to contemporary choices in series of visceral shorter manic pieces and hocket drumming to pairs of guitars and culminates chords spectral spiraling the New York’s band based of double guitarists and double drummers through their composing Avant-Garde suite as equal to Noise-Metal concert results there over the recording album on Northfield. Smarter unit – Happy Place whose featuring percussionist/composer acclaimed by Will Mason to drummer Austin Vaughn with guitarists Andrew Smiley and Will Chapin had their powerful live performance as well as the Alternative Rock feeling senses by dissonant six-strings or meticulous crashed cymbals to the fades.

Strange sketcher drawn in blue for the front cover as explains the messages of particular extra-existence music long-jams through Nurture!, Rapture!, Processional onto Fork! might gets the odd-effects for the heads to moving front and back following the rhythms as the Jazz experimental meet Heavy Metal stays a brand that doesn’t really fits to sell completely easy …