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Angerbrow (Unknown Records 2014)

   Psychedelic Stoner Southern-based Grunge phrases within the good liking influences taken from Danzig, Triple Six Mafia, QOTSA, The Ramones, Wu Tang and Project Pat kept the meaningful fusion on Punk-Rock to Hip-Hop rebels doubled tense towards the group named Kiz & Legin interests over vandalism, screwed/chopped to free walks and sippin leans and many other dangerous activity listed for them as the unsigned bass player and drummer band members playing Garage/Punk/Grunge and Lo-Fi Rock scrapping metals, attic punkish onto fuzz-Pop and Thug-static Hardcore/Rock duet from Toronto, Canaduh. 

   Dressing as the blackest semi-anarcho club people using masks and goggle preserving the underground Pop-Punk crusty musical with monotone bass-lines and beats harsh as Million, Shake, Name of God, Boy to Never Leave and Death Threat filling thus self-titled recording red danger by the suburban madness meaning in dictionary of the outsiders. 

Kiz and Legin: