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Anamnesis Park (Blood Music 2018)

   Trippy beats or slower sounding rhythms in marvelous job compositions off Toby Driver’s guitar/keyboards and vocals with the helps from drummer Brian Chase, piano player Kelly Moran to violinists Conrad Harris/Pauline Kim as well as crazy downer rocking mixed on Krautrock Synth and complex atmospheric about Chamber Music experiments progressive written by Toby Driver through They Are The Shield which didn’t exactly best describing for any cops musical anthems but more to a mysterious eerie thrilling tunes collective or less organic sounds onto Gylph that goes on for eight minutes and forty seconds, Smoke-Scented Mycelium on seven minutes, thirty-five seconds onto the four minutes and nine seconds closing of The Knot contributes questions and incredible sound design off this red recording release by the non-Kayo Dot figure in this one.

They Are The Shield: