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Amor Fati (Bandcamp 2018)

   Yes, she’s a black girl with the devil’s rebel attitudes and streaming to her music might causing head-ache and masturbation as this experimental sound-artist and composer producing female unbridled sexual power blasting in beats of Electro-Punk Lo-Fi and Alternative music out of Debbie Friday isn’t just for ruining your fucking Friday nights only. Sexual arousing problems themed and violent aggression feminine force marching combinations mixture within the test blowing on Bitchpunk record leads the Vancouver, British Columbia mastering as mastered releasing here by Josh Boguski as being written and recorded by herself angrily and seductive in madness artistic mode-on made C’est Quoi Ca ?, Stay Up onto Indulge Me and Void sounding as dangerous as pagan femen crew protesting the streets or hacker anonymous opens more secrets that makes people insane for a while just like this music project did to you.