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Amateur Musician (Related Records 2015)

   Follow your footsteps on being James Kolchalka Superstar accompanied with Jason Cooley and Pistol Stamen an sometimes being known to public as Burlington All-Stars on their self-written good tunes of Alternative Rock and Country meets Folk and Pop-Punk in distinctive sang power force awesome to hear interesting shouts and anthems for thus outskirts and the outback and the outsiders to proclaiming themselves again today is bathing in bubbles using your little siblings plastic pool and too much soap onto the melodies tender for the drowning grumpy crocodile sheltering from the rain under an umbrella as weirder but catchy through the expectation repertoire tracks listing likes Old North Ender, Rowboat, Moony Moon, What’s The Deal With The Triangle ?, New Wave Glory and I Am The Troll fitted for the soundtrack compilations for the infants whose going for their first year of kindergarten malicious moments with the fear over infecting germs, illusion from the pedophiliac or the taste of broccoli mixed onto your juice cup makes you closing those eyes and re-thinking to be just ordinary rockers banging the guitars and writing some silly songs – for example like this pointy recording cassette (?) of Beautiful Man album.

Beautiful Man: