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All Thinking Alone (Rosa Records 1984)

   The unknown quartet of Heavy Metal “mulisha” sounds consisting for Alan St. Lesa on guitars, Mick Adrian on bass, David Anthony on vocals and Stevie Ordyke on drums hailing themselves as Shire but not really related to thus little humanoid brave and funny with enormous feet size because this rockers is under the management of producer Don Dokken and Michael Wagener to put their sounds of regular glamour hairy rock and their group picture on the featured sexy leg of a lady of the night in high choir sang and solos melodic that you wanted to cranking out on the highway to attracting police women or just ranging alone party at the living room while parents gone out. Would you love to collecting them or just blast from the past off the eighties Heavy Metal moments that didn’t counts or one will love to listening thus songs again thru By My Side No More and Do You Know What It’s Like ? and also more romantic rocking tunes taken from this self-titled to Hold On. 

Lick it well, dudes … Lick them well.