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All That We Know (Candlelight Records 2014)

   Five wrecking crew signing towards their excessive force forgetting any revivals to reunions and there’s now only the time to blasts things forged within and in between big t letter of metallic Thrash as extreme proud pumping veins devotion over thus commercial and trough-peaks continues which campaign in disgusts provided a vibrant myriad influences as formidable as liking Megadeth, Slayer and Testament to Exodus much to assimilates elements of shredding sounds of guitars and riff-age slashing for traditional Heavy Metal on the rise again as your favorite neck-wreck violence sonic bursts performed by Cai Beschorner, Chris Martin, Jae Hadley, Jonathan Grimley and Nathan Sadd through their debut releasing album – The Virus Conspires came in like a time bomb ready to exploding the entire world apart. One can see thus monstrous images and visions of the futuristic and past colliding over Braindead, 22, Kingdom Come, The Wake, Red Terror onto Psuedocommando and Poison The Mind may returning the devastation plan from the hidden government to eliminates humanity once and for all within minutes before midnight. 

Remember and beware, scumbags ! 

The Virus Conspires: