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7:06 (Nutriadance Records 2017)

   Where Marco Lovato dealings with his odd Psy-Trance for DJ-ing remixes and managerial music off the label recording seems to be get wider as one might hearing this particular works of short stories into LoVa project which splendid to send its Electronic beats in grooves to shaking your entire night world off the unnamed club that you mistakenly, visiting after midnight. Let the inner animal souls inside you be released loose as Otorongo EP blasting the jaguar spirits of electro-passion over some intrigue minutes from the seven and forty-two seconds Imix Engine or the six minutes and twenty-three seconds monotone splashing alcohol-liday knowledge about Learn How To Fly getting even hotter as Carpe Diem goes to entrapment yours there for the daylights to burn the outside and inside before a bite finished the rest of the end.

Otorongo EP: