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5 Klicks To Hell (Purple Pyramid 2014)

   Good guitar player and great American composer is this emmy winner and producer master series tuning up groovy name off Brain Tarquin as he wrote some of the finest television drama, MTV, nominated for more emmy’s, CSI to TMZ and ABC extra working with him besides his own project soloist and compilation with featured talented others from Jimmy Page, Santana and Jeff Beck like this example on Brian Tarquin & Heavy Friends: Guitars For Wounded Warriors where the fund belongings to those veterans and soldiers whom K.I.A during their missions almost everywhere as Heavy Metal. Blues Rock to instrumental Hard Rock performed by virtuoso processing hearts of tons shredders/rock musicians you would love to recognize or liking forever is here to help Brian such as Billy Sheehan for the opener Black Hawk, Taliban Terror featuring Ron Bumbblefoot Thal & Reb Beach, Chris Poland through Charlie Surfs, Surgical Strike featuring The Flyin’ Ryan Brothers, Baghdad with Gary Hoey and Sand & Blood (feat. Hal Lindes) that covers a world-class displaying temperature heat grooves by those whom liking Mr. Big, Guns N’ Roses, Whitesnake to Megadeth to also take your own six-strings and following them towards these essential harmonic melodies or solos not just concluded for shallow thoughts only killing enemies wearing full metal jacket but mentally proud for supporting the troops spreading democracy and end tyranny around the global nations.