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14 Drops Motorcycle (Secretly Canadian 2018)

   Kyle Molleson is the producer of music whose hailed from the chain of small islands right up the highlands of Scotland area called Outer Herbrides – perhaps, some of you been there before ? But nevertheless, this multi-instrumentalist and music-beats producer did well behaving to make out the very good ideas on connecting the inner thoughts and the love for musical project as being his own choice disguising name called Makeness.

   Behind thus glasses nerd face and blondie white hair lies the intelligence of abstraction artistic combines with artificial make-over sounds of basic London House-Techno and Deep-House relations via Loud Patterns debuting the nods continuity of shapes and Pop interests over discipline or pegged miracles spectrum experiments within nicer tempos and cool beats to hear or female gorgeous vocals additions as well as majority tireless four to our rhythms through Who Am I to Follow Love, Fire Behind The Two Louise, Gold Star, Day Old Death onto The Bass Rock keeps your interesting towards this record maintains until the last final end. 

Loud Patterns: