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1:02 (Screaming Victims 2014)

   Patra, Greece’s formatted Thrash Metal independent group by the name of Terror Detonator in their double pedals and force fed extreme tempos over thus mid-head banging one to the faster slicing like guillotine; supporting the D.I.Y movements and splitting corporate music shreds on shouts and angst whilst the effective members behind the group’s collider sounds still means good metallic business to hear from Mitsos, Orestis, Thanasis and Thanos mixing their sounds terribly look alike thus L7 crew with a male lead singer and blasting thrashy packages blown the explosive sounds display here for Awake The Victims. On the one minute and fifty-seven seconds Holocaust Night, Death’s Course in three minutes and twenty-seven Restless Spirit or even Awaken those two minutes; forty-eight seconds bragging unlawful themes and drunken possessed lives you’ve been drowning onto along the failure years really going to burst fucking larger within listening on this one.

May the demons preying on your enemies souls and thus curses kept reality a total darkness casting more and overloaded Beer, Thrash, Satan’s Ass consumption. 

Awake The Victims: