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08:59 (Independent 2017)

   Consisting for Stella Leung on bass guitar, Lee Jowono on vocals/ guitars and Chris Downey behind the drums; these Psycehdelic Heay Metal mixtures of Doom Stoner and Hard Rock trio as being influenced by the great tuning high quality techniques and performance of horror distorts  is Potion you would like to have listening as this mixed mini recording by Elliot Gallart over Seven Sorcerers/Gravemaker thumping harder your stereo in latest doomy metallic and low-mid tempos screaming vocals over thus eight minutes and fifty-nine seconds track bursting heaviest all in terms within this crusher outlooks.

Ruptured cults and spell-wielding marauders concocted the vile-brewer drank and cannabis straight for the necks. 

Seven Sorcerers/Gravemaker: