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04:48 (Self-Released 2018)

   Challenges of natural detailing themed in storytelling methods around loss, pain, insecurity face to overcomes and disappointing experiences listed goes on by the mixed/mastered of Daniel Myer as the german electronic alternative deeper mastermind behind this inspiration dealers and Omar Quinones promoting anthemic re-works signature on the writing not so well introspective record mini-album off Harm recorded by Vain Machine – the Los Angeles based of Electronic duo playing razor shaprs rhythmic, percussion, Industrial background influences taken from Nitzer Ebb to VNV Nation as well as Depeche Mode as one figure of male representation hugging his female counterparts subscription complementary on four minutes and fifty-four seconds duration over Security as well as Doubt comes too late lasted for three-minutes and forty-eight seconds  under the vision of supervised arts in the making of Synth-Pop futuristic.

A melodic Electro-harmony plays from the duo from California.

Harm ep: