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Risen Drink Farewell (Armee De La Mort Records 2018)

   Angouleme, Poitou-Charentes crew off these French Heavy Metal and Doom Metal band that listing the Stoner Rock as well into their fused trio musical blasts courageously called Stonewitch. Having the composition formats for vocalist Serge Usson, guitarists Romain and Aymeric, Florent fro bass guitar and Cedric the drummer hailed from Pictavia area as the group perfoeming the distinctive seminal Modern Grunge Cult-based music and lyrics written precisely fitting the perfect occult-rituals for your local coven during the evening prayers on All Hallows Eve ticking clock and for the proven meet this The Midnight Tales reveals them all under the spells and magic textures on the prophecy last moment alike moses being saved from the tsunami wearing his red clothes while his disciples crawling to meet their doom as well as all the sinners or lovers or the non-believers that quiet night; only to be overdubbed through the plays soloist and riffs from Aymeric Mallet or the vocals tortures via Mr. Usson baritone howls singing A Blood Run Cult, When The Smoke Surrounds The Fear and All Secrets Die Alone – fixing the sickness and the redemption with the calm wind whispering devastation done.

The Midnight Tales:

Carnevil Dr. K (Not On Label 2013)

   Pick the fun side riding in the use of Folk-Punk Pop rocking the new genre attributes scenery in music when one is bored and found out that the formation of Michi on bass, Mahaze (guitars), Erik on drums, Tekken II for trumpet/violin onto K.T (violin), Lukas (muscle) and Cotton Candy Machine (felicity) delivers “ein zurkusabend mit zuckerwatte” type of solid composition in self-written stories for those whom getting their album that mixing most over Germany Ska-Punk, Rockabilly to Horror Punk aus Berlin that may sounding eerie energetic and a little bit wiser for you not to go for trick or treat-ing to far from your housing complex due to the excessive dangers within the coming out of evil spirits, maniac killers or even legendary monsters this halloween – so, better just listen this cranking hard music of modern and lick thus ice cream delicious moments by the small party kids on the backyard. Jumps higher and bouncing to mosh as the pit feels hotter within Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Dead Rabbit, The Black Harlekin, Skeleton Theater or The Last Days on Earth to Dead’n’Breakfast as well as The Nameless bursting as such of fun quality into Pop-Punk catchy tracks as your girlfriends or little assholes brothers loves to hear them via Pacific Playland recording too but didn’t realized the tiny eyes mixed inside the delicious ice cream on hands. 

Pacific Playland:

As Deer (Exit Stencil Recordings 2016)

Cutting edge bringer of Rock-artists to contemporary choices in series of visceral shorter manic pieces and hocket drumming to pairs of guitars and culminates chords spectral spiraling the New York’s band based of double guitarists and double drummers through their composing Avant-Garde suite as equal to Noise-Metal concert results there over the recording album on Northfield. Smarter unit – Happy Place whose featuring percussionist/composer acclaimed by Will Mason to drummer Austin Vaughn with guitarists Andrew Smiley and Will Chapin had their powerful live performance as well as the Alternative Rock feeling senses by dissonant six-strings or meticulous crashed cymbals to the fades.

Strange sketcher drawn in blue for the front cover as explains the messages of particular extra-existence music long-jams through Nurture!, Rapture!, Processional onto Fork! might gets the odd-effects for the heads to moving front and back following the rhythms as the Jazz experimental meet Heavy Metal stays a brand that doesn’t really fits to sell completely easy … 


Stars, Moon & Waves (Sunstone 2014)

   Feel like the all hallows day did not meet your expectation this year for the lack of cults point-of-views or lesser wiccan friends to invite for the celebration ? The coven of good intentions must not fear about with Claudio Gianfreda project solo musical works getting ready to filling in your Psychedelic non-popular music of Classic Rock tunes as Balduin marks the remarkable releasing via this mini album among thus four tracks fertility seeding lyrics and atmosphere saluting the surrounding natures and the magical epiphany present days and the past memories not judgment towards our regards and faithless steps along the way as harmonic keybords/organ or synthesizers and live band ensemble touching The Glamour Forest by the good news tales about Mirror Mirror, Hole in The Sky and Jabberwock the terrible monster had died inside the hearts now branding cleansed after the first light walks in the woods on the blessings of Samhain. 

The Glamour Forest:

Turning 20 Something (Bandcamp 2014)

   Supporting the ability on makes the audience jumping nuts following the good punkish explosive rocked out and skating acts of extremity around as friends and fans and contributed bands playing it louder as campaign session from these two man Punk-Rock plus additional musicians for the New Jersey’s Dead Rejects by Ska-Punk to basic Hardcore aggressive to poppy hooks may carried in by them as Shane Sparacello on vocals/guitars, Sdam Cichocki (drums studio), Mike Benus on bass/vocals with Joey Dwyer also playing bass and screaming too hailing from Bayonne/Jersey City to your stereo system shares basically, a displays of plenty skeletons and all hallows eve started for trick or treats times outside as children dressing up in their worst costumes or scarier for your grandma; the skaters also goes out with This Is Killing Me album release and celebrates their night skating under the full moon or better avoiding thus haunted old houses towards the misty road that erupts eeriness … 

PS. Go cranking up these aloud: Chosen Undead, Dying Days, Punk Rock is Stupid, Death Before Decaf and A Perfect Waste of Time all over means either you got candies or you’re being murdered on the corner by mad neighbors.

This Is Killing Me:

Subtle Thrill (Bandcamp 2018)

   Post-hardcore Indie Alternative rocking and female leading vocalist role-on to your face in existence off these Fort Lauderdale, Florida in their latest recording produced by Jeremy Bolm and mastering by Jack Shirley as subject matters emotionally, vulnerable but also honest carrying devastating sounds blasts as Gouge Away that consisting for outspoken Hardcore-Pop band around in mutated angular blends of spiteful or sass yesterday issues to the abnormal news today by the performance from Christina, Mick, Tommy and Tyler on rotated fortnight and splattering tunes melodic as pitching-project on rhythmic pulse ripping the regular taste of Burnt Sugar’s best grungy formats goes through the displaying of Fed Up, Slow Down, Ghost, Hey Mercy as well as Raw Blood or Dis s o c i a t  i  o  n  seemed to Cant’t Relate the essential messaging cargo that already being thrown by the angry wolves people characters onto mosh-pit waves !

Burnt Sugar:

Taurine Racist (Unknown Records 2014)

Punk-Hardcore independent unit hailing off Boston, Massachusetts of American spirits of freedom and democracy as Jimmy Flynn, Justin DeTore, Mike Hayhurst, Radek Wierzbowski pledging the defiance sounds over their non-neglected shouts and rage lyrics over the maintaining crusher mid-tempo musical delivering had the moment where one blindfolded and the cold gun’s touching your back of the neck as the counting down starts and all you need to do is telling about your friends and the pass-codes or Say Your Prayers quickly before … got yourself a bullet in your head !

Deeply, inhaling your smoke as Another Day In The Life, How We Roll, Etobicoke Sessions 08’ Another Another Day In The Life as other sessions in Etobicoke tells us around the segmented anti-commercial to legal fights to the imbalance of justice sending you to the death sentence but it’s up to your choices. 

Say Your Prayers:

Junkies Ride (Unknown Records 2014)

Driving the fast-standard shrugs in Vice Grip, Till Debt Do Us Part, Radio Groove, This Town, Deception, The Kids and Rat Race thru digitalized recording bangs as melodic skater Punk-Rock original leads the pack of tunes as shaping the revolt feelings pleasure to go forwarding completed equips as Sketchie S/T LP brings back the social-memory for dancing fun and not impressive over the track-listed rocking songs like the group’s DIY labeled collection as simple as punkish wannabe and beyond shouts altogether singing the anthems of the losers and the low-lives waiting for the planned revenge that’s will go on finding the way to the richer’s compounds. 


Try Popularise! (Self-Released 2014)

   Rocking screams and grinds like skateboards extreme exercises in the park which abandoned and staging towards the middle of large protesting fights with the police force means as scary and dangerous as listening to Wanted One-Armed Bandits on Evolution? whilst their crossing-over Ska-Core and Punk metallic turning points bursting through the drumming hard as well as Hardcore angst heavier comes out of the colder weather Russia scenery and within the wicked fierce and slashing tunes of metal-based into Hard Rock and popular by nationwide – perhaps, we can keep seeing these bunch of jumping rock-heads singing It’s Your Fault, 7 000 000 000 and counting disasters; (Planet Ocean) on Cyrillic letters and lyrics or (Beacon) feat. Humlow of Pizza Killers and (Final) means like dasvidaniya for real stupidity of humans destroying ourselves by shorter timing durations or so melodically.


Jamais Assez N’aurai (Detriti Records 2018)

   Pop-minimalist in Synth-Wave dropping at Dream-Pop’s Russian duo as chilling waves carried in Electronic music produced into a retro-nudity skinny female figure having her orgasm attacks for good as inspiring the fashionable hits via Dmirty Gruber from his current location somewhere on Rostov-on-Don, Russia as Galatee is actually, not dark-haired but blondes and proving that their sexist sounds arousing tuned and monotone beats in between the coverage synthesizing electro that rocks for this third recording on Sanse Titre gets remaining uglier for those whom wanted to go for the quickie sex, forbidden unspeakable tests on virginity or even swinger partners within some strangers for the weekend which beaming the beauty face photo-shot causing the pulses touch over data for the millennial genre for compassing these record collective Synth-Wave Electro means Au Coucher Du Soleil, Une Danse Avec Les Tenebres, Des Peripeties and Ne Sois Pas Triste caught the density mirages imaginable advance touring by the captured sights thrown by this mysterious girl towards you and you being infected with lusty love. 

Sanse Titre:

Second Forwever (Unknown Records 2014)

   Screamo-Metal in Punk-Rock diets by jamming rock tunes complex off St. Thomas hometown and skateboarding, ice cream, peanut butter and video games liking for Mike Klassen (percussion), Jon Bate (rhythm guitars), Trevor Bale (lead guitars) and Shawn Palmer (bass/vocals) which liking other but music the most as written self-inflicting terror sounds here as NLSD crew for having good times in a consumption over A New Path album disaster in incompatible acts results product but you would like to bashing stuff away out while listening on seminal catchy melodic riffs and choruses ever emerging from the band’s catalog right here via Playing The Game, Slowfast, One For The Government, We’re Coming Down, My name is Kurt Cobain, Great The Car Broke Down or We Are The Sinners; truly makes that parental advisory label looks it should stays there for a reason !

A New Path:

Angerbrow (Unknown Records 2014)

   Psychedelic Stoner Southern-based Grunge phrases within the good liking influences taken from Danzig, Triple Six Mafia, QOTSA, The Ramones, Wu Tang and Project Pat kept the meaningful fusion on Punk-Rock to Hip-Hop rebels doubled tense towards the group named Kiz & Legin interests over vandalism, screwed/chopped to free walks and sippin leans and many other dangerous activity listed for them as the unsigned bass player and drummer band members playing Garage/Punk/Grunge and Lo-Fi Rock scrapping metals, attic punkish onto fuzz-Pop and Thug-static Hardcore/Rock duet from Toronto, Canaduh. 

   Dressing as the blackest semi-anarcho club people using masks and goggle preserving the underground Pop-Punk crusty musical with monotone bass-lines and beats harsh as Million, Shake, Name of God, Boy to Never Leave and Death Threat filling thus self-titled recording red danger by the suburban madness meaning in dictionary of the outsiders. 

Kiz and Legin:

Free Range Fight (Unknown Records 2015)

   Bash and mashed as good mighty delivers on Progressive Melodic hardcore Punk as the Intro for Manicus Curve cheers on glass of beers counting you up for independence thru Cody Pelka, Wheeler Saunders, Chris McCoy, Patrick Calhoun of Stigmachine of Barrie hating the slavery wages/LSD but loves Noam Chomsky’s boring voice as thus soloist splinters and conjoint blasts riffs may causing excessive failure to the conservatives as No Masters No Slaves, Battle Cry, Time to Leave, Decent of Man, Idle No More, Hardcore Song and White History Month leans the evildoers listening masses on liking the courage rockers band competing to dow-graded the whole new world order using Punk-Rock shots !

Maniscus Curve:

L’Accro Violeur (Unknown Records 2011)

   La Francaise lyrics and Ska-Punk regular rhythmic asking the audience to dancing following their beats productive creations is the lesser-known group comprising for vocalist/guitarist Maxime Gosselin, bass player Vincent Barbe Beauchemin, drummer Mathieu Leclerc-Plouffe, saxophone/backing vocals by Tommy Perrier and trombone/backing vocals from Andre Leblanc actual listed there as your musician ensemble serving their delighted modern and third-wave Ska-Punk Pop sounds within old Einstein looked alike familiar guy or colonel sanders cousin perhaps, palying the acustic guitar while the band rocking out as Les Skores plunging thus most French-crispy tunes such as Bonne Humeur, La Liberte, La Traverse, L’Amertume and Les Champignons and Maryjane within the eccentric jazzy and brass-ensemble over your favorable back-tunes as good as the English title-tracks alike Let It Burn but foremost yet you need the dictionary translation on Sans Regret or Pourquoi Se Faire Chier dipping sauce for classic retro and modern day Ska days-choices for those whom liked Voodoo Glow Skulls same like these Mont-Laurier team do. 

Les Skores:

The Letter (Twentieth Century Fox 2018)

   Stop by at the edge of the outskirt of West Coast and go farther to the border between California and Nevada states for a thrilling Noir-Neo movie opens with a gunned down man in a hoel room after he hard working manage to pulls all the wooden floor and hid a dufflebag before killed by another person in the late ending of fifty nine as continued filming changed the scene towards the ten years at the end of the sixties era as we will meet these strange and suspicious characters coming almost in a same time to the unique hotel divided by the state-line in between as Bad Times At The El Royale must be a curious to watch and follow as supplier salesman Seymour Sullivan, Father Daniel Flynn to singer black girl Darlene and sexy hippy babe Emily arrived at this straddles place off California-Nevada border used to be a bustle infamous place where stars and famous characters kept their time visiting or gambling there before the permits lost as the only hotel employee Miles booking them for old rooms. An actual undercover FBI agent, Sullivan alias Dwight Broadcheck had a mission for cleaning up his room from all espionage devices that used to be there hidden behind many furnitures and corners and everywhere but later on found the passage to the hidden alley behind the two-way mirrors as he watching weird things and interesting activities of another visitors in different rooms as well as witnessing Emily dragging a girl from her car trunk inside her room and tied her up in a chair or father Flynn pulling floors out as well as singer Darlene lean her gorgeous voice outtake test making the story even more complex. 
   Reporting the job done as well as the kidnapping girl didn’t meet an agreement with his director in FBI causing Sullivan to interfere the situation himself as jeopardize Darlene saw him sabotaging the guests car-machines one by one under the rain. As the singer herself caught the kind old father Flynn whose trying to lure her for dinner actually, trying to drugged her drinks before she hits his head hard with a whiskey bottle but later proved that the old man lying about his true identity didn’t mean any harm to her but checking her room floors for something. 
The failure attempts rescuing hostage inside Emily room by Broadbeck ends with him being killed within a single gunshot as Darlene watching it before Flynn awaken and found her as truth tells immediately, about botched robbery ten years earlier resulting him imprisoned but freed on parole as Donald “Doc” O’Kelly also having his memory loss easily and lost his brother Felix too but promising a co-worked and half sharing to Darlene for helping him finding the money inside the room. Finding cash and trying to escaping the cold-blood killer hippie woman Emily whose shot Miles as well turns out to be a good girl trying to take back her little sister Rose whose being brainwashed by the false cult-gang family hippies led by Billy Lee whom loved to fucking girls, adding more disciples and letting them fighting over him for loyalty and heavily armed coming there to pick Rose up after her phone-calls screwing all situation again. Evil hippies arrived and taking the lobby making hostage Emily, Darlene, Flynn and Miles tied before one by one being shoot to kill by the sick game gambling played by Billy Lee. 
   Interrogating and terrorizing events before Emily get shot and died leaving the three hostages by the group found the money bag under sadistic roulette game but thanks to Darlene for encouraging Miles (a former sniper in Vietnam whose killing hundred people) take a rifle gun while Flynn fighting Billy Lee and burning the hotel lounge but Miles kills them all before Rose stabbing him hard. The dying man asking Flynn/O’Kelly to giving him the last rites as absolution The last survivors O’Kelly and Darlene burn the mysterious film role and ledger book page before feeling the place. 
Michael Giacchino serving some retro-collective compiling musical thru the original soundtrack as we’ll hearing Edwin Starr singing Twenty Five miles, The American Breed with Bend Me Shape Me, Four Tops onto The Crystals as Twelve Thirty (Young Girls are Coming to The Canyon) from The Mamas & The Papas gets your attentions within the strange circumstance ridden in this Various Artist recording album revealing thus old days story around the borderline between California and Nevada.


The Claw (Walt Disney/Pixar 2010)

   The third installments for one of our favorite comedy 3-D animated as Lee Unkrich directing Toy Story 3 film telling a whole different plot where Andy is now growing bigger ready for college keeping his toys for years or sold them but some of his favorite of all time “friends” like Woody the cowboy, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie the cowgirl, Rex, Slinky to Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head where Andy’s mom mistakenly throwing the wrong bag but the toys manage to climbing up the donation box bounded for Sunnyside Daycare with Woody knowing that Andy meant to keep them instead of donating. The group being welcomed by the kind funny furry purple bear Lotso with other friendly toys but sooner the evil intentions reveals as Lotso took over it after being dumped by his girl owner one night with Big Baby and Chuckles the clown but envy, hatred and vengeance captured him inside the revenge circle, enslaving other toys inside the daycare under his reign. Luckily, Woody founded by little girl Bonnie while escaping the prison daycare as Chuckles told him about the long history of Lots-O-Huggin’ Bear/Lotso aas being repaired by kind Bonnie. 
   All the toys horrified seeing horrible actions how toddlers playing roughly with them as Lotso transforming Buzz back to the original factory setting and make him evil too caging his friends who wants to moving to the older children’s room as Woody returns to Sunnyside learning from the chatter phone about the sneaking entrance as other manage to resetting back Buzz into Spanish language as funny moments romance with Jessie to his branding style in awkward Spanish conversations invites everyone to laugh for couple while. 
Still, interesting adventure tales we can easily watch as kids or teenagers too here over Toy Story 3 as well as good soundtrack portions composed and compiled by Randy Newman as also conducted by various artists from: Gipsy Kings/Nicolas Reyes and Tonino Baliardo singing the exclusive new version of You’ve Got a Friend in Me (para el Buzz Espanol), Garbage?, Woody Bails and Come to Papa by Randy Newman through many others there from the opening We Belong Together – From “Toy Story 3”/Soundtrack, To The Dump, So Long as well as Zu-Zu (Ken’s Theme) or You Got Lucky viewing the rest conclusion as the group of good toys battling Lotso and his bad companion gang; as deception of the evil bear finally sending him to the dumpster truck but he dragging Woody with him leave no choice for Buzz and the others to following them and almost friend to death if it’s not the help from the aliens using crane to saving them as Lotso abandoned them escape only to be found by a garbage trucker whose tied him to the radiator grille for good. 
   The rest of Toy Story crew going back to the Andy’s attic box and wait there for the final last goodbye before college supplies goes out with Andy but he decided to give his favorite toys to Bonnie as they’re playing for awhile before Andy really leaving away for good but the toys may living happily ever after with the little kindly girl while Sunnyside also having vast improvements better. 


Asche Als Nichts (Napalm Records 2012)

   Philosophy, nature to humanity themed in this Folk Metal mixtures with Black Metal classic off the Freiburg/Emmendigen, Baden-Wurttemberg active “Dark Forest” people members in the band calling themselves Finsterforst collectively comprising for Aliver Berlin (vocals), Cornelius Heck on drums/vocals choir as well as lead guitarist Simon Schillinger, Tobias Weinreich (bass), Sebastian “Alleyjazz” Scherrer (keyboards), David Schuldis on rhythm guitars would becoming your reference over how Germanic tribal metallic shows should next kept in mind within thus ancient pagan beliefs against the modern Christianity forcing the fatherland into dilemma trouble-soul like today must be reset by Finterforst using their works ablaze here via their releasing on Rastlos (stirring constant desirable for action) standing on the mountain top looking down the promised beautiful landscape and choir harmonic in metal bursts via Fremd (alien/strange), Stirbt Zuletzt (unrealistic optimism to last), Rast, Ein Lichtschein or Flammenraush (inebriation of flames) comprehending the darkness prevails back to shadowing the misty territory where old spiritual and free tribes lurking to snatch travelers trespassing their woodlands area. 


The Idealist Fall (Reaper Entertainment 2018)

   Melodic Death Metal in greater symphonic sound chased goes viral if you dare to let them play for the stereo pulse bursting as the chosen in Parasite Inc. works which sharing the Aalen, Baden-Wurttemberg written internal struggles and society screaming angst lyrics or protests means you are on the right track for head-banging session inside the mosh-pit faster tempos as Dead And Alive leads this latest recording releases from these Germany’s extreme heavier metal fusion as like the ticking time bomb ready to explodes the new millennium by the driven Metal-Core tricks and screamo-vocals and performance of high techniques off Dominik Sorg (guitars), Stefan “Johnny” Kramer (bass), Kai Bigler (vocals, guitars) and Benjamin Stelzer (drums) cranking their track-listed over the English-written songs like Once and For All, This World, Headfuck Rollercoaster, Flesh Decadence, Sunset Overdrive, Cold Silent Hell to Empty Streets (Scanroid cover) getting ready to crush the overpopulated world to its oblivion as reported for you first to listen before the devastation erupts by growl, strong lead guitars and killer riffs/choruses.

Dead And Alive:

Vulture Priest (Cruz Del Sur Music 2016)

   As frantic as these five piece of Heavy Metal heroes veins directly proving how serious the group playing their Epic Power Metal within the written lyrics theme for war, hell, metal and satan for the Ludwigsburg band – Sacred Steel crew (probably) in their best moment album release in Heavy Metal Sacrifice as consisting on guitarist Jens Sonnenberg, Mathias Straub on drums, Gerrit P. Mutz the lead vocals/lyrics to Jonas Khalil the guitarist and Kai Schindelar the bass player; hold their grip on beheading the enemy-head and offering the present old beliefs winning ritual to the ancient gods as The Sign of The Skull, Children of The Sky, Let There Be Steel, Chaos Unleashed, The Dead Walk The Earth or Iron Donkey releases the most advance extremity in comfort banging heads tempos for those whom believed in Classic Heavy Metal presentation like this group still did remains over their latest album gates opening momentum to the damned Niniveh and Germanic land’s pagan promises. 

Heavy Metal Sacrifice:

Barren Whiplash (Pelagic Records 2018)

   Jan Oberg (guitars, vocals), Sabine Oberg (bass) and The Carp (drums) are the great partners in crime on written songs and arranging blast-bias occultism based to Sludge Doom Metal eruption as these Berlin, Germany band – Earth Ship goes crushing your ears by attacking the modern views using their awesome non-commercial stomping sounds within Resonant Sun recording release as the latest punchy music to the masses whom likely, dancing by commercial pop-tunes; dragging back the mysterious yet bursting harder by the track-tunes led the wolf-head rituals using arrangement of musical metallic towards A Handful of Flies, Smoke Filled Sky, Dormant or Crimson Eyes – wrote down in English lyrics for international worldwide spreading messages that proclaiming about Germanic metal still alive healthy and dangerous as it used to be.

Feel the heaviest blast bashing through your stereo-system this evening, you bastards !

Resonant Sun:

Door In Womack! (Bandcamp 2014)

   An absolute shrouded identity of mystery might not explaining where thus unusual sounds by pompous facades drawn grows in pseudonyms tools reacting for these Australian crew naming themselves – Sun Of Man; as scaffolding gesture on useless and divided the reclaims over their themed tracks in the listening on un-timid heavy ass monstrous important but sometimes might goes unnoticed is this Psychedelic Instrumental jams by the blasts beholder in your excessive absolution majestic case of listening. 

   Go touch the button and let II mini recording plays its advance technical music sounds from the originality Stoner Rock scene of Down Under – growing the half-horse coloring entity mixed with thus seven minutes and fifty-seven seconds calming bluesy Desert Stoner on Whispering Jackoff or Dancing With My Eyes bursting the explosive glowing waves force about eight minutes and nine seconds right by the occult-based background displays.


Cosmic Travel (Self-Released 2015)

   Guss is an ordinary guy that representing The Netherlands on this magnificent adventure through the recording album made by himself ideas and works disguising the real identity as Sauerkraut studying music as a drum player and a few years into guitars and bass for adding the wishlist gotten being more creative to making knowledge a reality in recording mix as songs of instrumentals displaying Doom/Psycehdelic/Sludge and Stoner Rock blending Blues might surfacing there within The Man That Lives In Space collective record album title as travelling through space isn’t a science fiction anymore; while everything written here and played in produced credits all should be addressed to Guus. 

   Whether you pick the button press ignitions for Astronomic Ambience that goes two minutes and fifty-nine seconds or fixing the path back on course after some kinds of Technical Difficulties and failed communication went off for six minutes and fifty-nine seconds denouncing unfortunate for continuing the shuttle to the distant galaxy blast off in hyper-jump mode. 

The Man That Lives In Space:

Tunnel Vision Link (Not On Label 2014)

   Fuzz hard thus Space-ing Rock tuning head-bangs tempos and groovy mastery that commencing the audience to either amazed or bursting like beaming stars and anti-gravity movements once these Atomic Vulture launching their full pulling force of melodic sounds and Brugge - West Flanders, Belgium’s three-piece instrumental Stone Rock tunes as thunderous and driven beating or swirling dusty for Old-School centered style in psyched aesthetic doom timing as kicking ass performance being owned by the members: Jens Van Hollebeke (drums), Kris Hoonaert (bass) and Pascal David (guitars). The event horizon momentum or the zenith measurement caught higher onto the starry skies up there through Rocket Ride, Moon Base and Mos Eisley Spacesport means perfectly, explainable to Into Orbit recording to kept as souvenirs from the journey to space dreams and Heavy Rock mages/science format-collections. 

Into Orbit: