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Y.R.U Still Here (Mercury Records 1995)

   Questioning the daily activities of ours practically, using the famous phrase from old action movie classics; these Boston, Massachusetts group which had been standing out for their shortened living career but make a good impression for many asian Punk-Rock markets as the band’s catchy riffs, fast punchy tempos and seminal commercial attitudes and sounds for Feel Lucky Punk ? the record seemed to be the best time ever for Klover quartet – bass player Darren Hill, Mike Stone guitar/vocals, ex-gang Green legends Chris Doherty on lead guitar or drummer Brian Betzger leaving nothing but a good fucking time for you listening on the only album from them by the midst of the nineties era which forcing many to pogo-ing and smiles following the easy-written lyrics of daily living and broken romance and soft political views onto those twelve songs recording alike the better curving protests on the global problems via Illusions (Make It Go Away), Building A Wall, What A Waste or the semi-loving themes over All Kindsa Girls, Here I Go Again as well as the anthemic rocks aloud tracks on Beginning To End, Memory, Sandbag or Brain would once back then pushing your heads to think a bit more positive not for being apathy all the time in life. Good call full-length !

Feel Lucky Punk: