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Your Element (Vagrant/Heroes & Villains 2000)

   Maybe this is the kin of the generation next realted to Rick Ocasek and co. where The Cars popular sound influencer really showing with the carrier of the good, catchy Power-Pop and Alternative Music written and performance by Robert Suchan (vocals, guitars), Ben Force (guitars/bass/vocals), Jared Rosenberg on piano, keyboards and synthesizers as well as Rob Pope on bass to Ryan Pope the drummer founding the American independent band called themselves as Koufax.

   Doing just fine as the fashioned of non-lethal or too sissy looks arrives as the group come closer and releasing the debut album of It Had To Do With Love brought their fully assemble of Punk and Pop tunes onto the regular radio-friendly shifting music that everyone loves. Listen to their tunes of fortunate to misfortunes or the middle between good lucky or almost failure through the rhythms and powered choruses alike the parts of Billy Joel goes intimate to join Move Out Move Out, Minor Chords, Going To happen, Offering Advice, Living Alone, Work Will Never End onto Over It  - which might brighter your Saturday afternoon continued with great date in the evening with your favorite someone because the world decided not to be too damn a bitchin’ grudge today. 

It Had To Do With Love: