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X Stacy My (Not On Label 2015)

Electric weirdness and lazy tunes not coming directly off the desert but Hilal Omar Al Jamal did something sexy with the female vocalist and this mini album recording debut called Drugzdilla as the displaying of animated monster looking creatures or alien beings might interesting your views and listening attraction got more attention as the opening seductive song begins to put the sensual disco experimental within Electronic, Funk, Soul and Pop slowly soft pops affecting out from your stereo system.

The project of Night Auditor may not causing too much damage to your ear membranes but be thankful to think that they’re not much but the essential stays to the finest results over Million-Dollar Hustle music with black guy’s sophomore voice or Snakes in The Grass may bite you instead of you giving up easily quick from hearing more about this musical works after the first try with those ugly figures on the front cover gnarling done sexual harassment on you. 

Jinx !!!