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Wrack And Ruin (Independent 2018)

   Legends or not – Alex Jones already proving that his project of solo acts metallic extreme for groovy sessions on Death Metal brutality seems looking kinds of amazing to listen by many as the audience went crazy following thus irregular tuning beat-down off Super Heavy Galactic Stuff recorded by none other than Alexander Emerick Jones over the performance thru clean vocals, growling (unclean) vocals and metallic musical instruments but most of the remaining line-up really unknown for this Waterbury, Connecticut dedicated new leader figure of the underground local-scene establish his blistering one-man project for The Alex Jones Prison Planet forging your stereo system within Abort Planet Earth, Phantom Zone, Image of The Beast (Erased Forever) or Not of This World shortly, destructive as yet dangerous to collects for your kids weekend times filming thus surgery did onto human leader by the reptilian-protégé aliens crew inside the secret Deathcore facility nearby. 

Super Heavy Galactic Stuff: